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Since most people typically think of emissions as coming from transportation, industry and fossil fuel power generation, it may come as a surprise that IT and IT related products have a major impact on the environment. In a recent study, Gartner analysts disclosed that IT activity accounts for about 2% of total global CO2 emissions. That is the equivalent to the amount of pollution produced by the entire aviation industry. If the industry continues as is, greenhouse gas emissions from data centers are projected to more than double by 2020.

Although there are hundreds of reasons to go green with your network cabling, here are 5 major reasons the businesses we work with choose green network cabling:

1)    Improving energy efficiency. Data centers and other network operations can be structured to have a reduced impact on the environment by using less electricity. Power saving designs that use less electricity may cost more up front, but translate into companies spending less money on energy bills.

2)    Fewer toxins. Efficient cabling that uses less energy results in less pollution and toxins outdoors. What people might not expect is that green network cabling manufactured without hazardous substances results in less pollution within interior spaces where employees are working. Improved worker health can also bring about lower health insurance costs.

3)    Reduce, reuse, recycle. Copper and oil-based plastics are not unlimited resources. What happens once the mines and wells are depleted? Green network cabling not only contains post-industrial recycled content, it offers more complete recyclability of both copper and plastics at end-of-life.

4)    Fewer replacements. Lower-performing cabling has to be replaced more often, leading to consumption of more materials and costing companies money with every rewiring installation. Green cabling aims to reduce what materials will need to be replaced over the lifetime of data centers. Products that have a longer life also help to maximize upgradability and modularity of network products.

5)    Advantage green. In addition to substantial reductions in the overall cost of operations and savings on energy and water resources, green cabling initiatives can help data centers and other network operations acquire a better corporate image. A green network concept is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to environment protection, which resonates will with consumers.

Going green is about transforming your business environment for the future and using technology to its fullest. Installing green network cabling not only has a positive effect on the individual business installing it, it is one of the primary ways that the cabling industry, data centers and network operations can have a greater positive effect on the environment.
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