Established in 1988, INS has seen many changes in available technology and has strived remain at the forefront to ensure that the advice given and solutions recomended are the most relevant to the clients requirements and up to date.

INS is a multi-faceted organisation that comprises one third of the overall group. We have five different trading divisions and two sister companies that all compliment a common business model. We service clients from some of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, to a multi $bn global travel company and some of the largest telcos in the business. It might surprise you to know that we are just as well placed to service these companies as the SME with a requirement for a single cabinet.

Based on the doorstep of Heathrow Airport we have excelent access to all available freight services. In group we benefit from a 12,000Sq Ft Customs & Excise bonded warehouse from HDS Freight Services and many different size of air-ride vehicles from Electronic Handling. Logistically we are incredibly well equipped to move any and all equipment both domestically and internationally.

All three members of the group are accredited to ISO 9002 standard which ensures that we are able not only manage expectation proficiently but also able to deliver on our promises.

We do welcome enquiries from I.T Manufacturers that feel that their products could add value to our ever growing portfolio.

We understand your challenges...

As trends in data center growth and virtualization continue, the challenges associated with high-density architectures add infrastructure risks related to cooling.

Innovative data centers demand efficient cooling strategies to address cooling conservation, energy savings, scalability, and optimal performance. INS Infrastructure Services will ensure that your data centre space is not one full of hot air, but a cool efficient environment that maximises the potential of every service and device on your network.

INS Infrastructure Services draws upon a deep expertise in providing world-class data centre solutions and designs based on industry best practices, offering a combination of services, software, and products that result in optimized physical infrastructures. This enables organizations to be more responsive, improve their operational efficiency, and increase their strategic relevance to the business. INS can help you to avoid the pot holes of poor performing networks and drive you toward maximizing your physical infrastructure.

We work with you to:

-   Improve performance, availability, scalability, and management of applications
-   Mitigate risks related to convergence, security, safety, compliance
-   Reduce operating and energy costs
-   Increase ROI relating to physical infrastructure systems
-   Support sustainability efforts

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